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Irish Music Apps develops mobile applications that enable people to learn how to play Irish tunes in a fun and innovative way. Every instrument is taught using the same successful teaching methodology. Each tune consists of a Listening Lesson, a Tutorial Lesson, a Play Along lesson and Printed Music. At Irish music Apps we suggest that you go through the lessons in sequence; start with the Listening Lesson and become familiar with the tune before you learn to play it.

Once you can hum the tune you are ready to move onto the Tutorial Lesson. In our tutorial lessons award winning Irish artists will guide you note by note through the tune. Our innovative 10-second rewind button enables you to easily focus on notes or phrases you may find difficult. When you have learned all the notes of the tune and you can play it by heart move onto the Play Along lesson. In the Play Along lesson you’ll have the opportunity to play the tune slowly accompanied by the tutor. Practice with the Play Along Lesson until you can play the tune up to speed.

Once you can play all the tunes at a moderate speed you are ready to move onto the Medley Lesson. In the Medley Lesson you will learn how to combine the tunes you have learned into a medley or set. In a traditional Irish music session three tunes are often played together in a set.

First you’ll learn how to transition smoothly from one tune to the next without stopping. Sometimes additional notes are added between tunes so help make the transition seamless. In the medley lesson you will also learn about ornamentation, a way to add decorate tunes you have learned. Contact us by email - info@irishmusicapps.com

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